(WATCH) “This Is My Land”: Greek farmer runs over ISLAMISTS refugees camp with tractor

Tension erupted in Idomeni, Thursday, when the Greek farmer Lazarus Oulis, owner of 72,000 square metres (775,000 square feet) of agricultural land, ploughed the area where hundreds of refugees have set up their tents. The farmer started ploughing between the tents with his tractor, destroying some of them. One of the refugees said that the farmer is “right” adding that they are refugees, having no place to go. “This is big problem for us also,” said refugee Reshal Hambo. Law of the land into which they have entered.In the land of Greece, these people are trespassers on the farmers land,but do they ask permission to be there?NO!, just demand that the farmer is stopped from conducting his lawful work.What bloody arrogance!

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